While it’s our goal to ensure that every family in our community has a safe place to sleep at night, our Network isn’t quite big enough to meet that need. We currently have the capacity to serve four families at a time through our Interfaith Hospitality Network (sheltering program) and our rental assistance program currently has a wait list. If you are a homeless family in our area needing assistance, please contact us – our office staff are able to provide the best response by filling out the form below.


Fresh Start is our rental assistance program that ensures every family we serve through Salem IHN is able to move into their own home; and stay there. Families take ownership in their future by finding a home they can afford long-term. Salem IHN provides temporary rental assistance and supportive services to break the cycle of homelessness and give families a ‘fresh start’.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does Salem IHN contribute to the rent payment?

Each month, Salem IHN will make a rental payment directly to the landlord equal to the difference between the approved rent the landlord is charging and the tenant’s share of the rent. The exact amount paid by each party may vary by family, as it is calculated based on the tenant’s income and circumstances. You will be provided with the exact figures prior to the tenant signing the lease.

Do tenants receive other assistance?

Some tenants are also eligible for Section 8 housing vouchers, or other local programs. These benefits are independent of the Fresh Start program and may continue after the Fresh Start voucher expires.

What happens if the unit does not pass the inspection?

As a landlord, you will have a reasonable amount of time to fix any deficiencies. Most of the time, the issues are minor (missing outlet cover or stove knob, for example). The tenant may alternately elect to look elsewhere for housing.

What if problems arise with the tenant?

Tenants are ultimately responsible for their own behavior, and landlords should treat them the same as other tenants. However, Salem IHN case managers are available to talk through issues to get the problem resolved. Case managers meet with program participants twice a month in the tenant’s home to keep them moving forward with their self-sufficiency goals and to address tenancy issues before they begin.

How do I know if a potential tenant is part of your program?

You will be presented with a coupon that includes the tenant’s name, number of bedrooms for which the family is approved, and the dates the coupon is valid. It will be signed by the Salem IHN coordinator. The family’s case manager will also contact you directly to answer questions.

Where can the rental be located?

The rental unit must be located inside the Urban Growth Boundary of Salem or Keizer. It can be an apartment, house, condo, or townhouse.

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