PetSmart and Salem IHN: Working to Keep Families Together

PetSmart has formed a partnership with Salem Interfaith Hospitality Network to create PetSmart Promise, a program that provides options for homeless families to keep their pets while on the road to a sustainable home. The partnership expanded the existing Salem IHN Day Center to include a facility for families who are in transition or temporarily homeless to keep their dog or cat at the shelter with them. The families are involved in caring for their pets and are able to keep their family – including their four-legged members – together during a difficult time.

Pet Promise Wish List

Want to stand with us as we promise a better life for four-legged family members and their owners?  These are the items and skills we need:

Promise Vision— We need help with operational plans.

Promise Care—Join our team to help pets while they’re in our shelter and their parents are working to find a home.

Promise Funds—We still need funds to help operate.