T.J. Putman – Executive Director

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-Can count cards.
-Was fifth grade city chess champion.
-Lives on a farm that has been owned by my family for the last 100 years.
“Yes Netflix, I’m still watching.”


Julie Brown – Family Case Manager

baby Julie   julie hs

-Loves roller coasters so much that she rode the Mamba 20 times on her 20th wedding anniversary.
-Has an uncanny ability to gauge the weight of luggage within a pound.
-Loves skydiving and reading the Bible, but never at the same time.
“Everything will be alright in the end.  If it’s not alright, it’s not the end.” – Patel


Jill Summers – Program Manager

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-Used to teach the sport of fencing
-Reads at least sixty books a year
-Likes to send postcards to friends around the country just because
“Try everything twice.”


Melissa Hawes – Program Assistant

Melissa 2   melissa hs

-Held the record for flexibility at her elementary school for five years.
-Her first offer from someone to buy a piece of her art was in 1st grade.
-Has never had a cavity.
“I thank whatever gods may be for my unconquerable soul”- Invictus -William Ernest Henley


Kalie Weninger – Family Case Manager

Kalie Kid Kalie headshot

-Read through the Harry Potter series so many times that she switched to reading them in Spanish just to change things up a bit.
-Spent a semester studying at Charles University in Prague
-Obsessed with true crime
“When- if not now? Who- if not us?” – Velvet Revolution, Czech Rebuplic